Are you an Eastabrook?

Eastabrook Updated Feb 2011

Hi, I'm Dave Eastabrook, and I used to do freelance IBM mainframe computer design and programming.
RSI made me pack that up and now I'm a broke Entrepreneur with a family business (2011 - still broke)!

I've a Burke's Peerage book thing with loads of the dreaded Eastabrooks,
and a family tree, so I might do something about the Eastabrook ancestry.

If I get time I'll set up a registration form for short info and ancestry,
and some sort of online directory of the Eastabrook clan worldwide.
It would have contact details - for those who want to be contacted.
The directory would be for the Eastabrooks, not the Easterbrooks!
Please come back the end of 2011 to see if anything's changed.
If anyone wants to mention me in their will, knock yourself out.

Sorry, this domain does not accept emails, just too busy to reply,
and I can't be hacked on farcebook, twits, iching, spammedIn ...

This is what
I'm doing now

 Totally Herby
 of Scotland

Totally Herby
  of Scotland  

It's hard work
but getting there.

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